State governors wary of ObamaCare

July 20, 2009

The Boston Globe reported today that the National Governors Association, the bipartisan organization of state governors from around the country, is skeptical of the Obama administration’s universal healthcare tax because of the burden it would place on state Medicaid programs. Even Bill Richardson, the Democratic governor of New Mexico, says he is “very concerned about the cost issue.”

The states are fully aware that they are not prepared to deal with the hellstorm of taxation, spending, waste, and bureaucracy that will rain down upon this nation if the administration gets its way. In fact, ObamaCare would presumably be impossible in many states, as more than half of them have balanced-budget provisions in their state constitutions.

This economic recession may turn out to be a protective shield against the administration’s socialist aspirations. A double digit federal debt is scaring enough people on both sides of the aisle and forcing them to a realization that out-of-control debt-based spending is both unsustainable and disastrous for our nation’s economic stability. The idea of increasing taxes on both energy and healthcare is no longer a viable option to most consumers who can already barely afford to pay for these things to begin with. People are starting to realize that economic recovery is the last thing on Obama’s mind, and he won’t be able to take advantage of this crisis and exploit it to advance his blatantly anti-free market policy program for too much longer, based on what his ambitions and our economic death march are doing to public opinion.

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