Beer diplomacy

July 31, 2009

Yesterday President Barack Hussein Obama invited Officer James Crowley, Professor Henry Gates and Joe Biden to the White House to sit down and talk their differences out over beer.

Never mind the fact that Obama’s choice of beer is Bud Lite (Biden went for a non-alcoholic Buckler). This “Beer Summit” is just another example of Obama’s cavalier attitude towards the obvious mistakes that he makes. After realizing the gravity of his major faux-pas when he exposed his obvious racism when asked what he thought about the Gates arrest, his preferred strategy for amending the situation was to resort to his usual holier-than-thou attitude towards the general public. He called it a “teachable moment,” as though never before in the history of the human race have a black man and a white man sat down and talked before.

“Beer Summit” became a trending topic on Twitter today, probably because everyone in America is trying to make light of the situation that this little stunt made us look downright ridiculous and ignorant to the rest of the world. And that’s all it was–another stunt that our Rockstar President used to show what a populist he is and how he’s all about reconciliation. If Bush had tried to do this, he would have been mocked mercilessly for weeks.

Obama, Gates and Crowley drink to a false sense of improved race relations while the economy disintegrates and Obamas poll numbers plummet.

Obama, Gates and Crowley drink to a false sense of improved race relations while the economy disintegrates and Obama's poll numbers plummet.

It should be interesting to see how BHO deals with the latest news on the economy–that the media has largely overestimated lied about the state of the economy and that the recession has been twice as bad as previously thought. We’d be much better off right now if Obama cracked another cold one, kicked back and let people run the country who actually understand how an economy works.


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